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"If you make listening and observation your occupation, you will gain much more than you can by talk." -Robert Baden-Powell

Welcome guys,
My name is Camila Araújo, I'm a Portuguese Girl and...
In this blog, I will share my thoughts, ideas and my days. I started this in July 2014 and I intend to keep going, so You need to stay with me, pleaseeeeee... I'll try to publish something new and fun so keep watching
I have Small and Meaningless life, Yet. Just like everyone, I hope some day I can live happier and better. But for now, I'm stuck in here (Hihihi I love it). And nothing better than knowing new people and new perspectives of the world. It's like getting to know a person by the way they write or the things they publish.
It started with a poem but now it's everything you want it to be, I'm happy to write for you. If you like leave a message with suggestions or just your feedback.
Join me!(hopefully!)
I’m still learning so you have any tips let me know.
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Thanks for reading and hope you like my blog❤

CONTACT: illustratinghappiness@gmail.com

Thanks for reading ❤

About Me

Hello, my name is Camila.

College Girl trying to make it in Life. Blogging Newbie. Artsy Type. Gemini. Economics Student.illustratinghappines@gmail.com

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